Irish American Featured Book of the Month 

                                  Two Sisters - Irish Nuns in the American Civil War 
                                         Paperback – September 15, 2021, 
by Michael Ferrill (Author)  

The true story of two Irish sisters’ journey from Ireland to American during the famine years, being accepted as religious sisters and then becoming Nursing Nuns on the Battlefields of the American Civil War.

The contributions of more than six hundred Catholic nuns to the care and treatment of Union and Confederate sick and wounded soldiers made a critical impact upon nineteenth-century America.

Thousands of American Soldiers directly benefited from the professional nursing skills of these women.

The deeds these nursing sisters performed on the battlefields of every major encounter, in the field and within the military hospitals, on both side of the Mason Dixon Line, were both humbling and heroic.  

Future Scheduled Irish American Books for Review
Absolution Under Fire: 3 Years with the Famous Irish Brigade (Abridged,)Annotated) (Civil War) Paperback – November 5, 2016
  by Father William Corby (Author)  

William Corby’s compassionate, sometimes humorous, and articulate account of his time as a chaplain in the Civil War is simply one of the best memoirs of the conflict. For three years he was with his brigade under fire, ministered to their emotional and spiritual needs, and was with several men before their executions. At Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spottslyvania, and more, Corby was there. Twice president of Notre Dame University, the statue of Father Corby at Gettysburg was the first non-general statue erected on the site.